Plastic Mesh

Netting and mesh is used to make a variety of products, e.g., protective packaging or tree trunk protectors.


BIO-BLOK®, a block composed of mesh tubes with a unique porous fiber surface, helps to increase the surface area in your system to improve efficiency and reduce the footprint.

Bird Netting

Bird netting are special protective nets used, for example, by strawberry, raspberry, blueberry or sour cherry growers who need to protect their crops from birds.

Grids for Gutters

Our grids protect your gutters from falling leaves and thus prevent clogging of the drain. The use of grids significantly reduces the frequency of cleaning gutters and downspouts.

Industrial Food Netting

Industrial food nettings are a special type of interlacing nettings that are used by food companies, for example, when drying food or ripening cheese.

Industrial Interlacing Netting

Our industrial interlacing netting prevent products from mechanical damage during handling and transport. We process them in many sizes, so they are a suitable solution for protecting both small and large products of our customers.

Industrial Safety Netting

Our industrial safety netting protects products from mechanical damage during handling and transport. We provide them in numerous diameters and lengths so that they can be used for both small and large components.

Marnet Support Netting

Our Marnet support nettings are specialized nets for growing climbing plants and vegetables (beans, peas, cucumbers, tomatoes). They increase the quality of crops and make fruit harvesting easier.

Shading Nets

The shading nets are raschel nets made by knitting technology from endless plastic straps, which are used as a shading medium in outdoor space.

Snow Fences

Snow fences is a special mesh that prevents the formation of snowdrifts around roads or railway tracks.

TreeFlex Tree Trunk Protectors

TreeFlex Trunk Protectors safeguard trees from animal damage. They firmly hug the trunk, and their shape adapts on its own to the tree’s growth.

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