Our grids protect your gutters from falling leaves and thus prevent clogging of the drain. The use of grids significantly reduces the frequency of cleaning gutters and downspouts.



Grids for gutters are used by our customers in the private and business sector. We usually deliver them to garden centers, hobby markets and horticulture stores.



Set Up

You push the grid into the cleaned gutter, where the overflow fills the entire space, so you don't need any additional fixation.


The grid is slightly compressed (reduces its diameter) and the pressure then fills the gutter. Fallen leaves are trapped on the surface of the grid and due to the wind are blown out of the eaves.




Grids for gutters are made of strong polyethylene - supplied by verified European producers. Grids for gutters are:

  • UV stabilized,
  • resistant to high and low temperatures,
  • and recyclable.


Variants and Dimensions

We supply grids for gutters in two diameters - 94 or 143 mm. If you need advice on what the perfect fit for you would be, we’re here to help.


ID Diameter* Grid Length Mesh Size
  mm m mm
ST143 143 3 8 x 8


*The table provides the diameter before installation.


Documents to Download

Declaration of Conformity


Get in touch and we'll get started!

Interested in grids for gutters or other nonwoven and mesh fabrics? Let us know! We’ll be happy to discuss your needs and find the best solution for you.


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