The Big Move

Since 2020, our new headquarters is located at Nad Tratí 406, CZ-684 01 Hodějice. In 2019, we completed the construction of our new production hall with modern offices and make ourselves at home there in the following year.



Firstly, we moved our machinery and other production equipment from the old facilities in Austerlitz. Then, we moved the administration departments from Křižanovice to the new company premises.


Our production and administration are under the same roof today, but we didn't manage to move the entire warehouse. Therefore, our warehouses are located at two addresses. We moved part of it to the new premises, while the other part still remains at the old location in Austerlitz (U mlýna 1552, 684 01 Slavkov u Brno).


Our vision and future strategy is to build new warehouses behind the production hall in the area near Hodějice. The project and plot is ready, so we're just waiting for more suitable conditions.


Take a look at Contact Us for more information about the location (including information for carriers).

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