Protective grids for gutters

We offer plastic tubular grids as a simple and effective solution for protecting the gutters from the foliage. The grid is a longitudinally cut tube made of strong, recyclable polyethylene.

The material is stabilized against UV, is resistant to outdoor influences, strong and flexible, the material is resistant to high and very low temperatures.

The grids offered by us can be easily installed in all common gutter systems. Just push the grid into the cleaned gutter where the overflow fills the entire space without the need for additional fixing. Fallen leaves are trapped on the surface of the grid and due to the wind are blown out of the eaves.

The use of grids significantly reduces the frequency of cleaning the gutters and thus extends their service life.

Diameter [mm] Length [m] Mesh size [mm]
ST 94
94 3 8 x 8
ST 143
143 3 8 x 8